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I first had this dream last summer.  It has come back several times since.  I thought I would share it.

The dream always starts the same.

There I am walking down the street.  The street changes.  Sometimes I’m actually in the road.  Sometimes I’m on a suburban sidewalk.  Sometimes I’m in a very urban environment.  And I’m walking.  I feel my footsteps become lighter.  My strides become longer.

At some point the footsteps are so light and the strides so long I can no longer say I am walking.  I am simply floating down the street.  For some reason the people around me can’t see or don’t notice.  Sometimes I will call out to try to make a friend check out what I can do.  But they just shrug it off as normal.  And I decide to go faster.  The steps are still light.  The strides still long, just… faster.  

I push it into a run.  A floating, light run.  And all feels great in the world.

And sometimes, that’s where the dream ends.  And it’s a good dream.

But other times, the dream keeps going.  And that’s when it gets interesting.

I’m still running down the street.  I start to go even faster.  Things aren’t quite as easy going as before.  My heart rate increases.  My breathing picks up.  I sweat a bit.  But I keep going.  As I keep pushing, the work gets harder.  I lean forward to get even more into the run.  And I keep pushing.  And leaning into it.

I lean so far into it I feel the ground touch my hands.  And I keep going.  Pushing.  Faster.  Only now I can use my hands as well as my feet to send me on my way.  It starts with just my fingertips lightly pushing to help keep my balance.  Gradually my hands, arms and back get more involved.  I am simply devouring the ground.  My whole body is pushing.  Faster.  My pulse is pounding in my head.  My breathing comes out in growls and grunts.  And the world just flies by.  

Growls and grunts?  Animalistic is the only word to describe it.  

And I continue on.  While the going is obviously strenuous, I don’t tire. I don’t slow.  I just keep running.

The dream continues for a bit.  Just me, running like an animal.  At some point I wake.  I am usually breathing hard.  My heart is pumping.  And I’m almost always covered in sweat.  I have no idea how long I have been running in my dream, but I change PJ’s and go back to bed very sleepy and very satisfied.

I’m not one of those guys who believes dream need to mean something, so I try not to read too much into things.  But the fact that this same dream keeps happening (and seems to have no correlation to a training cycle) tells me that this is something important.  It tells me that I like to run.  Running is good.  Running can be even better.  Running can make the normal day (the beginning on the street) even better.  And it can make me feel like a superhero.

Run on friends.

And until next time, don’t let the fat man catch you.

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