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This little tidbit sparked something in me and I thought I’d share.

While the original post is geared towards personal relationships, the message holds true across many parts of life.

Without pain, we are not alive.

Running goals. Fitness goals. Weight loss goals. If they are real goals that push you, they will all involve pain. And when you feel that pain, you can either run away from it and quit, or embrace it for what it is, accept it as part of doing something worth doing, and use that pain to get victory, success, and elevate yourself above where you were before you started on your goal. (That’s a lot of commas.)

Until next time: Don’t let the fat man catch you!


walking through pain into a big worldWe think the secret to life is achievement and status and comfort and painlessness. But we’re wrong. The secret to life lies elsewhere. I know, because my dentist told me…

“Until you can completely feel pain again, don’t eat anything.”

I was sitting in the dental chair last week—the right side of my face numb and drooping—when he said it, when my dentist told me the secret to life.

Our pain is the secret to life.

We can’t even eat unless we’re capable of feeling it.

Yet, we are a people obsessed with avoiding our pain. The DEA reports sales of prescription painkillers increased sixteen-fold in the last ten years. Oxycodone and hydrocodone are the two most popular painkillers—in 2010, pharmacies distributed 111 tons of those pills.

In the U.S. alone.

We build our lives around comfort and safety and ease. We feel entitled to painless living. Both…

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